Sunday, April 1, 2007

Naked Pictures of Christopher Meloni

'scuse me regular readers. We have to direct some pass through traffic for a moment.

Are you looking for naked pictures of Christopher Meloni? Nude pictures of Chris Meloni? Nude Elliot Stabler? Naked Prisoner #98K514 Christopher Keller? The pictures aren't actually here, on this blog, they are here.

Apparently there are certain ways to search Google that make me a top search result for naked pictures of Christopher Meloni, which I don't have, well except one here, and that hardly counts when you look at the whole collection. (I did get a search for "spanking Christopher Meloni" the other day, which I do have, but I'm pretty sure that search was a blog reader throwing me a little thrill. It worked.)

So all nude and naked Meloni hunters go here, and scroll down. All there is to be had is there. Please wave to your hostess on the way through, and don't forget to pick up your gift bag on the way out. They are on the table by the door.

regular readers know why Meloni is currently backed up against that wall and figure he's going to get awfully tired in that position pretty quickly and wonder how long he's going to be able to continue to smile...he thought assembling all of those gift bags was exhausting, just wait.....


Aradia said...

What a fun blog You have! I am really enjoying what You have to say, and I will be visiting frequently.

My best,


Elizabeth said...

Oh, thank you. That's so nice of you to say. :)


Ms.Reciprocity said...

Gift bags? Shall I send over some cutouts for those?

Elizabeth said...

MsR -

So kind of you to offer!

No, I think we are doing just fine with the ones that Meloni put together. He really took so much pride in them, you know.


Bitchy Jones said...

You're starting to spoil that boy.

Elizabeth said...

Sigh. I know.

He's my favorite. That always the danger with the favorite. You never leave them tied up in the basement long enough because you want to be sure they get some coloring and stuff.

Still, you're right. I'll watch it.


Bitchy Jones said...

Several days later, but I keep meaning to say...

He's going to get cocky. He'll be wanting to sit on the furniture next.

You should send him over to me for an little holiday. He could see the sights, visit Buckingham Palace, except he wouldn't becasue he'd be handcuffed to a chair in the cellar and getting smacked around.

See, he isn't *my* favourite.

Elizabeth said...

Now see there you go. I do let him sit on the furniture quite a bit.

I mean, usually he's on the floor by my feet, but sometimes, after a rough evening, I let him sit up on the couch with me and put his head on my lap, and I stroke his hair and tell him how good he was.

So, he's really not sitting but more curled up in a ball with his head on my lap...but there is furniture involved.

I do see your point. I'll think about that trip. I need to be unselfish and do the best thing for him.

Chuck Wagon said...

I must say you have some interesting and amusing websites. I noticed Christopher Meloni in Law and Order which I don't watch regularly--I sometimes stumble onto it and you know, they really don't show enough of CM's butt. The camera always seems to focus on the waist up with him, or is this just my imagination? Or if they do show more of CM he always seems to be wearing a jacket or suit or has his shirttail out so you can't check his rear end out sufficiently. Now I am glad to see that you have boldly put it out there for the world to see that Chris Meloni should be spanked regularly if only to keep him humble and humorous which I guess he has managed to retain despite his recently increased celebrity. I think he should humor some of his fans by having them give him a birthday spanking each year from now on. I have sometimes thought baseball players ought to do something like this too since they make enough money playing what is essentially a kid's game. Now a question, do you think CM is the contemporary Robert Conrad? You know, he had a nice spankable rear in Wild Wild West, but I think he is well into his 70s today--not that there is anything wrong with that. And if Chris Meloni has seen this website I wonder what he thinks of it.

Chuck Wagon said...

I noticed Christopher Meloni not too long ago while going around the dial and stopped at Law and Order. I still sometimes stumble into it occasionally. One thing I began to notice is that they never seem to show enough of Chris's rear end, and when they do it is often covered up by a jacket or suit coat or a shirttail so a proper evaluation of his butt is not as easy and tends to be frustrating. Anyway, I was glad to discover that you have this site and have told the world that CM does indeed need to be spanked regularly. I would like to assist you when your arm gets tired with the help of a ping pong paddle. I think he may need this to help him retain his humility and humor which he needs to guard against losing with his increased celebrity. I think he might be likened to Robert Conrad (at least in the butt department) when he was in Wild Wild West years ago--now there was a man in dire need of being turned over a knee and given a sound spanking. Perhaps Chris ought to consider, since he is supposedly devoted to his "fans", a way of having a few of them each year participate in giving him a birthday spanking. I sometimes think baseball players ought to do that considering how much money they get for doing what is really a kid's game. Well, it was nice leaving this comment as CM rather caught my eye; I had no idea what his other work consisted of in movies and that there truly was a website devoted to his being spanked. Keep up the good work or fun or amusement, whatever you want to call it. PS--If Chris has seen this site I wonder what he thinks of it.

dan said...

OMG this man is so damn sexy that I don't know what I'll do if I ever meet anyone who's sexier than him (which isn't possible.).