Sunday, April 29, 2007

Spoiling Christopher Meloni

The last time I posted on Christopher Meloni, Bitchy said I was spoiling him, spanking him so much, paying so much attention, pretty soon, she said, he'd actually want to sit on the furniture or something.


Don't tell Bitchy, I let Meloni sit on the furniture all the time. C'mon, he's my favorite.

Anyway, when I have a stressful day, there's nothing like a little Meloni to calm me down while he's working me up. There has simply never been a sexier Strong Man on the planet.

Two film clips, if you'd like to join me in appreciating this fine piece of man at the end of a weekend.

#1 "You're so Damn Hot" - a photo tribute

#2 Very hot shower scene from Oz, mature content, 100% naked Christopher Meloni alert.

My. Now I need my own shower.

I'll get Meloni to join me and do a little of the "scrubbing" before I put him back down in the basement for a bit. There are much worse things than spoiling Christopher Meloni, and I can't think of much better.


Kate said...


Spoil him some for me!


Elizabeth said...

Will do girlfriend.

He's um, the only one I don't share, so I do have to do the spoiling myself.

Sorry. I feel kinda small and selfish about that, but, really take a loaner from the left hand Menu of Men, help yourself, anybody. Take two!

Just, um, not Meloni, 'kay?


(reminding Meloni to be sure to jump off the couch and sit on the floor if he sees Bitchy stop by)

Bitchy Jones said...

You're so whipped! That boy has you wrapped around his little finger. I bet you spank him just the way he likes it too.

I hope it's cold and dark in that basement. I hope there's a cage. And a hose. ('Cause he does suit wet, doesn't he?)

Elizabeth said...

Now, now, Bitchy.

Dammit, Meloni, I told you you had to jump off the couch just as soon as you heard her coming.

Now, now. I'm not whipped or anything, really, it's just a matter of personal choice. And status. I mean, he's the number one guy, being first male has its privileges, right?

And as far as spanking him the way that he likes, it's just a coincidence that his favorite thing to show me how strong he is by not even being needed to be tied while he takes a strap to the thighs.

Coincidence, I assure you, we just happen to like the same thing.

Cough. Whipped indeed.

Meloni, sneak in the bedroom while Bitchy isn't looking. I'll be there in a minute.


Bitchy Jones said...

Ooh, I do like the thighs. Is it the back part of the thighs. That might be my favourite-favourite right now. A cane though. A cane on the backs of the thighs - that is really high on my to think about list.

Oh look you have distracted me with dirty talk. Again.

Elizabeth said...

Meloni, she's distracted. You can make it to the bedroom now, go quickly. But, um, no pillows on your side, okay. I really mean it this time.

Bitchy dear, I can't believe it's taken us this long to get to thighs. I'm completely nuts over them. Batty.

You know that story I've been sharing....the next sex scene is thighs.

Grin. That is the one scene I don't mind writing over and over and over and over again.


Bitchy Jones said...

I'm always changing my mind. I like the backs of the thighs. But I might just like the upper back better. I'm kind of not too keen on the arse right now. It's seems kind of overly sexual. Or something. I don't hate it. I just prefer other bits right now.

Oh, and then there are those vulnerable spots - not for hurting - just for liking. Wrists, neck, mouth.

... OMG, hang on a minute. What's he doing in your bed! With two quilts! And a beer! And a PlayStation!

Elizabeth said...

For God's sake, Meloni, I told you to close the g.d. door. I mean really. We're going to have to talk about this later.

Quilts? Beer? Play Station? Um, I have no idea how that happened. Stern voice: I'll attend to him shortly!

Thighs, thighs, thighs. Backs of thighs. Inner thighs. Thighs.

Sigh. <-- practically poetic.

"arse", not so much. Very been there done that.



(distracted yet?)


Bitchy Jones said...

Stop laughing at me saying arse.

And put that man in the bloody basement, will you.

Elizabeth said...

I wasn't laughing at you saying arse, not really at all. :) Remember I told you that I pick up speech patterns from people I hang out with? The other day at work I announced, "'scuse me, I have to go to the loo."

Not making that up. Everybody looks at me like I have three heads and I mumble something about an online British friend.....

Fine. Meloni is packing up his things. I'm letting him take the quilts to the basement, so there, pbbbbbbt!

Meloni, leave the Play Station. She's watching. Really, leave it. I mean it, leave the Play Station! Fine, you can sneak the beer out wrapped in the quilts. Sigh. Lucky for you you're so damn hot.

Kate said...

E I wouldn't touch him with a ten foot pole...way too much trouble, that one.

But I want popcorn and a front row seat when you whip him...I could take know to show Bitchy....maybe that'll convince her...

Elizabeth said...


I feel the evil blonde women surrounding my Meloni. Back, back, I say!

I'll give you McSteamy and Mackey, whatever you want to do with them is fine.

There will be no whipping Meloni. (And really, he's no trouble at all, he's a sweetie. He just got a little forgetful today, that's all. Bitchy makes him nervous. Wonder why.)