Thursday, August 9, 2007

Japanese Host Men

While I am frantic busy yet again this week, let my newly acquired Japanese Host Men entertain you.

"The great happyness space" documentary fragment.

This just in:

Believe it or not, I just finished watching this clip. I was so busy, I didn't have time to watch the whole thing before I posted it.


Capitalist moi is loving the business model.

I'm also reminded, with a blush, of the time in my 20's I'd had far too much to drink on a male strip night at a local club. I followed a male stripper around the crowded club for close to an hour, trying to calculate how much money it would take to get him to agree to let me spank him. And wondering if I could speak clearly enough to get the offer through to him.


Youth and all. Such a thing could never happen now. ;)


maymay said...

:) The Japanese have a very, very different sex culture than we do. It's refershing if only because it's different; I don't think it's much "better."

Conversio Virium did a meeting all about this once. I wish we had more materials from the meeting posted online, but alas, that was pre-new web site days.

The Invisible Spinster said...

What a great business idea.

It would only work in a big city, of course. But own a bar/restaurant where your waiter isn't just a gopher, but someone who hangs out at your table and makes your night great.

As for the sex culture, Outpost Nine has had some fantastically funny things to say about kids' attitudes.

nigel said...

There is a market for this! because I have observed how responsive Women are at work! A sincere moment of greeting, polite inquiry and witty repartee. Good manners, nice smile and a thoughful compliment, brings a ten-fold return in appreciation.

Z said...

God, that clip was so... sad. But then the thing about spanking the stripper made me giggle.

Elizabeth said...

Responding out of order.....

Z -

I don't know. *Is* the sex trade sad?

I don't know how to reconcile conflicting and opinions I have on the topic.

Does it exploit and cheapen both parties? Does the commerce involved somehow empower and fulfill both parties? Does it do both at the same time?

Dunno. If working conditions are decent and safe, and the sex worker gets to keep a large portion or all of what he/she earns, I sit on the sex work positive side.

Not that any sex workers are breathlessly waiting for *my* approval. (Whatever will E say??)

Another time and place, in an American setting, I imagine I would have enjoyed a place like that, in *some* capacity. ;) I'll confess to turning up my nose at Hooters, but when the shoe is on the other foot, I like the idea.

*searches for other foot*



P.S. that night with the stripper? I'm not much of a drinker and I do not think I have ever been or ever will be as standing-up-drunk as I was at that moment. I was *serious*. I was trying to calculate all of the money I had left in my checking account.....

Elizabeth said...

Hi Maymay -

I couldn't follow your links :( , but I do have a little familiarity with the Japanese sex culture in general. Weird, odd, not as a negative but as in so different from us.

My impression is there's a lot of societal commoditization of sex, as opposed to our culture which certainly commoditizes it but tries to turn a blind eye to same at the same time.

'course, that probably comes from seeing one Dateline and one 60 minutes in a decade, so what do I *really* know? :)

I do remember feeling, wow, that's really *out there* and bold, for a culture I think of as all wrapped up in work and tradition.

One of these days I should leave my own block and see what's going on in the world.


Elizabeth said...

Hi IS and Nigel -

Yes, I'd think so, I think there's a market for this....not with the "if they pay us enough we fuck them" part, though.

What respectible business would admit to that? You don't think that some female strippers ever make money on the side, do you?

I'm also not sure about the hunting the women down on the street part, either.

I think, but am not sure, that the demographic would skew a bit older in the U.S., following the disposable income of slightly older women.

But a good business plan.

*looks around for grand opening sign*


The Invisible Spinster said...

I don't know that the clientele would necessarily skew older. As a (late) 20-something myself, I would rather go to a bar like that and drop $50 per person for the night than to some craptacular yuppie place and get bad service with a side of badly mixed drinks.

The trick I think would be in keeping it financially accessible and not sleazy.